/e/ Build for Sony Xperia XZ1 Dual Sim - G8342

Given Sony’s development-friendliness, I was curious whether this device might be a good candidate for /e/, and asked @petefoth about it earlier today.

Although Sony didn’t certify it for VoLTE in the U.S., which will soon make it obsolete here, it could still be useful for international travel, for example.

I see at least one LineageOS dev has been creating unofficial XZ1 builds (latest is 18.1):

I think this is the dual sim version:

Does anybody here have one of these running LineageOS already?

I’ve had a quick look at the available source for this ROM and there is one small problem: this developer does not store all the proprietary vendor blobs in their github android_vendor_sony_poplar_dsds repo. Instead they rely on having a device available during the build, and run the extract-files.sh as part of the build.

I don’t have one of these devices, so I can’t do that. Instead, I would have to try extracting the vendor blobs from one of the LOS zip files. I know that is possible, and I could give it a try, but it will take me a while to get it right :slight_smile:

It would be easier if there is someone who owns one of these devices who can either make the whole build, or build as far as the extract-files.sh stage then make the extracted bolbs available in a git repo somewhere accessible.

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Understood, thanks. I wouldn’t say that this is a high priority, unless more users here want it, or if someone else provides the blobs to make it easy.

In any case, I guess it would only be useful for a limited time before 3G networks are shut down everywhere… unless VoLTE can somehow be enabled in a device that apparently never had it.

Thanks for looking into it!