/e/ compatible phone recommendations?

With my Samsung S9+ no longer being able to make or receive calls in the US come July due to 3G network deprecation and the volte requirement, I`m looking for a device with similar or better specs that is /e/ OS compatible.

Hard requirements are:

  • No notches or holes in the screen
  • Must have a headphone jack
  • Must have micro SD expansion
  • 6+ inch screen
  • 6+ GB RAM
  • 3000+ mah battery
  • Strongly prefer an AMOLED screen

What are my options?


I’m not sure that any one phone can fill all those specs, but i think this may be your best bet


Can you maybe reorder your list by which features are the most important to you?

The Google Pixels are always a good choice when it comes to custom roms. They’re easy to flash and very versatile.

I’ve had solid success with OnePlus devices. I use an 8T and used to use a 6T and have had no complaints. Unlocking the device is pretty straight forward too. The 9 Pro works on /e/ already and is still for sale from OnePlus directly.

Thanks for the replies but Im not looking for what device you currently use or have had success with but rather one that fits the criteria I have listed since I dont want to downgrade simply to utilitze /e/ OS.

For example, the motorola within 5 seconds of looking has a hole in the screen so that`s a no go for me.

The Sony Xperia 10 Plus looks like a possible option but it has a weaker CPU, 500 mah less battery capacity and an IPS screen instead of AMOLED.

Considering the S9+ became 5 years old last month is it really that tough to match or do the developers of /e/ just not have a ROM running on more modern devices?

I will look into the other 2 recommended phones when I have a chance and report back.


The Pixel 4 XL comes close but has no headphone jack or SD Card slot. A problem that it seems every google phone has from what I can tell.

Same issues with the Oneplus and many outside the 7 Pro are all notched screens as well.