/e/ Contacts app not dealing with groups?

I am saving my contacts into e.ecloud, who handle them reasonably, allowing groups for instance.
I always used groups on all my GSMs, and it may be I’m a bit dumb, but I can’t see this on the /e/ version of Contacts.
So now I have a (very large) list of contacts, properly sync’ed between e.ecloud and my phone, I have groups on e.ecloud, but I can’t see how to bring them back on the phone.

Am I missing something?
Is there an alternate Contacts app that would do that (but also syncing with e.ecloud)?

[I understand e.ecloud, based on Nextcloud, handles vcf records to version 3 while /e/ Contacts only handles v2 : this may be a reason for this behavior?]

P. S. another issue I have with Contacts : not showing the recent searched contacts easily (default?), so you always must click on the search fieldand start tying…

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Settings → Accounts → Contacts(/e/ Address book)) → Account settings(Credentials, sync etc) → Account Manager → me@e.email → Details, click wheel upper right → … Contact group method (bottom) → pop up radio buttons: “Groups are per-contact categories”

Source Contact groups not synchronized with cloud (#700) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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Concise. Efficient. Fast answer.
Just Wow.
Thanks a lot!

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