/e/ device list characteristics

Hello all:
a suggestion for the /e/ device list: to make this into a table, with characteristics on which you can select? eg Android version, screen size, GB memory, etcetc. Would make it easier for people to select what they need!

i think its not really needed, if you know phone model, you can easilly find specs on internet or watch on websites like https://www.gsmarena.com/

@Superman made this here


you need add 8 more devices

amazing @Superman precisely what i was looking for!!! :v::v::pray:

@Superman nice work! there’s 7 more devices available.

Sorry, i’m a little bit late :-x

That’s fixed, 91 models are there now.


Thanks for the update @Superman! Now https://e.foundation/get-support/ displays 89 devices. Is there any device for which the support was dropped?

Hi @awal we have not dropped support for any device from our list. You can read the official comment on this here

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The counter 89 often lags a little behind the actually supported 91 devices.



This has already been reported to the website team. The reason behind this is the wiki supported device count is updated through code while the website depends on a manual update.

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it’s still displayed 89 models availables

A new website is coming up and should have the correct details…the text remains the same as far as I could make out but some features have been optimized.

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Well, new link is

I deleted my previous website :innocent: to focus on this new project :smirk:

Galaxy S8 (beta) added by the way.

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