/e/ Drive Start to upload

I have just downloaded and installed /e/ so far so good. Have not tested everything but feels good.

I have noticed that in telegram I can sent text messages but not images. I also have notifications (with very urgent looking and persistent upwardly flashing arrows) that I do not understand. The message in the notifications are like "/e/ Drive Start to Upload " and other similar.

What should I do?

Not being able to send images in telegram sounds serious - but I am not aware of anybody else experiencing this problem.
You could report this issue as explained in this post: How to report /e/ issues

Some of the notifications are currently there for debugging reasons and the devs said, that they will be disabled at the end of the beta phase. These include uploads of system-files like “settings_secure.xml”, “settings_system.xml” or “packages_list.csv”.
If you want to disable those, then you can switch off their synchronization as a workaround in
settings -> Accounts -> /e/ -> “Application settings”.

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