E.email & missing contacts feature


first of all. great platform!

I rly appreciate all the work and effort you bring up. I knew you r still in the development and prolly have more then enough open tasks and issues. Though I had a closer look I couldnt find any bug reporting form nor a link to a bug tracker. So now Im here.

at first - I tried to sign up here with my e.email account - but the e.email is not valid?! ok?? must be a bug. =>

I registered with another Email to gain access. That’s why I get the IP address limit error as well.
Next - I tried to write Emails to the “support@e.email” address but Im blacklisted as well.

Please unblock your own e.email addresses. That’s a lil embarrassing. I already had an Email conversation with @arnauvp and @Shenol about me being blocked :wink:
I tried to answer again but now the issue has been closed.

Now Id like to talk about a missing and really important feature. I imported my contacts via .vcard but those are not appearing in the Email address book. Also while sharing documents.
Id rly like to see those connected contacts. It would facilitate working with the /e/ cloud even more!

So far the onlyoffice is working pretty nice! Thanks for adding again.

Kind regards

About the first issue with signing up, can you please provide the link you are using where you took the first screenshot. Did you follow the advice provided by Arnau last time?

About the issue with the contacts not appearing in email address book, indeed it is not working for now. @arnauvp is this going to be fixed soon, or users should use the workaround.
Here is the workaround:
The contacts from ecloud should show up in Rainloop now. The process to be followed to get your contacts to show up is as under :slight_smile:

  1. Log into ecloud
  2. Go to the contact tab


  1. In the Contacts screen go to Settings >> 3 dots >> Copy link
  2. Next go to Mail tab


5 In rainloop settings ,

  • Activate sync checkbox ‘Enable remote syncronization’
  • Paste the url you copied above in the Addressbook URL textbox
  • Authenticate with /e/ credentials - user and password for /e/ ID to be used

  1. It takes some time for the contacts to show up. For me with some 60 contacts it took about 5 minutes.
  2. Contacts from NC address books should also merge with rainloop ones

While you are in the Rainloop setting screen (screenshot in #5 above) check out the options to set filters …direct your mail to specific folders or set some colorful themes.

I just clicked on the “sign up” button on the right top corner. Inserted the e.email address… the javascript check is green but after clicking on “create new account” the error above pops up to enter a valid email address. The URL is “community.e.foundation”

I ll try the workaround about the contacts. Thanks!

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