E email not recognized for some sites

My e.email address is not recognized by some websites. Was just wondering if this may be a problem with the websites I’m trying to use it on?


Not sure what “not recognized” means. My 2cts anyway:
FYI. I’m a user of spamgourmet.com. That allows me to create email addresses on the fly and protect me from spammers. Some website reject addresses related to spamgourmet when creating an account (Either deezer or spotify did at some point in the past for instance).

The few websites that have rejected it have said ‘please provide a valid email address’. Not sure why, I have used it on the other websites I log onto with no problem for notifications.

It’s the .email TLD. I have another email domain that I use that ends in .email and get this sometimes. Some filter on the website needs updating.

Yeah I’ve noticed that as well. Ubisoft for example