E.email password forgotten [solved]


I lost my e.email password. My K-Nine client still knows it so I can read my mails on my phone but cant connect from another device or app.

I tried the password lost functionnality and it said it sent a mail to my registered mail address. I received no mail in my K9 client. Spam checked. Is it a secondary address? If so, how do I know which secondary address is used for that?

The page recommends that I contact an administrator if it doesnt work. How do I contact an admin?

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Pl send a mail to support@e.email

Doing it right now. Thx for the tip


make sure you enter your full email in lowercase (username@e.email) to successfully login or reset your password.

Yes, my mail address does not include fancy uppercase and always type lowercase for that.

Solved. I found back the recovery email address so I could read the recover link and reset password.