E.email rainloop/eCloud status marked as "incident". When is the ETA for fix? Webmail seems to be broken, please advise!?

e.email rainloop status? It seems to be broken, please advise!?

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thanks! the error message is: “unknown error”

ok, just for readers of this mini thread:

It seems there IS an “ongoing issue”. Is this temporary, or are we supposed to find a new provider now? I heard snappymail is a good fork, perhaps e.foundation should add this to the web cloud offering?

Hope it gets sorted, Love you Guys


It is 100% resolved. In the meantime, I found it’s really easy to create an iOS profile and sync email to iPhone Mail:


Thank you to all the administrators who sorted this out. Perhaps the status of the systems can be displayed as a link at the bottom of the e.foundation website?


I have been getting both ‘incident’ and ‘unknown error’ for rainloop/desktop. what’s going on?


Same “unknown error” problem with the web client as reported by other users. Syncing on the phone works.

504 Gateway time out

On my mobile phone it seems working, but on computer I can’t acces !

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