E.email services down (2024-02-29)?

Thunderbid is failing to connect to mail.ecloud.global, and on murena.io being accesses with e.email, trying to start webmail doesn’t even start, I just get:

Request timed out

Is there something going on? Last night it was pretty similar.

Got the same issue. I post this topic in french : Problème d'accès aux email (And deleted it after issue solved)

Thanks for pointing this out. The infra team is working on the issue. Will update once it is resolved.

The services have been restored. Mail sending and receiving should be working now.

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Thank you ! It works for me

Yeap, email seems to be back. Thanks @Manoj !

Is it possible to request to evaluate if it’s related to last night one? Two consecutive days, around similar hours… Just to find out if there’s something that requires attention. Thanks again.

As for this particular report, it can be closed.

The team is checking why the issue happened in the first place. They are working on finding a solution to the problem. Will update if I have any inputs.

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