/e/ experience on fairphone 3/3+

Hi all,
one year ago I bought my FP3 with stock android. After a few weeks I switched to /e/OS.
No problems occurred. All updates went well in the meantime apart from some settings in OS.
But the team did a good job and corrections were done fast.
Unfortunately for newbies it is not quite simple to change, but I’m glad I did it for a better privacy.
The good documentation was helpful for me in some cases.

Now I upgraded from pie to q cause I too upgraded my camera modules. So it was necessary.
By doing this I too had the problem with ‘oem unlock’ in developer settings. I couldn’t change it.
Hence fastboot failed too. But I only had to deactivate my device-pin and everything was good. So I think, there could be a code problem on this, cause the pin query dialog obviously did not work.
Beside this little difficulty everything went well.

Last on Wednesday I did successful the new update to 0.14-q.
Up to now no important bug was found. There only seems to be a design problem in ‘android documentsui application’ (files). By switching to the dark mode design I hardly can’t read the name of files and directorys cause of a dark text color on dark background.

Some of the standard apps lack from features I prefer. So I got alternatives from f-droid. But that
is a personal feeling. I’m no phone nerd, but I expect a stable system which I got.
So overall I’m satisfied with /e/ and the fairphone.

At last a big thanx to the foundation and wishing a successful future.

Best regards


I also have an FP3 and installed /e/ OS at the beginning. Everything runs relatively well, except for the new camera(+) module. Since I am only an “average” smartphone user, I want to have as little hassle as possible with the device. You write that the camera module runs with 0.14q. Do you mean the new camera(+) module? Is there a page where I can find version 0.14q to install it on my FP3?

Best regards.


Be aware that upgrading to Q for now is a manual install which includes wiping all user data.
Work is being done on the OTA updater to enable it to upgrade the OS to a new major Android version (this isn’t possible now), but there’s currently no timeline for an OTA upgrade without wiping data.

Hi ziggy,
@AnotherElk is right. There is no Upgrade to Q possible via OTA. I first upgraded with the 0.13-q image from this Link: https://images.ecloud.global/dev/FP3/
Afterwards the OTA-Update 0.14-q was released, what I performed.
But now there is a direct Upgrade-Image V0.14-q at the Link.

But be aware: upgrading your phone wipes all data.

Best regards

Did sombody try to go back to Pie after flashing Q? I read some issues with Q, i’m on self build Pie 0.14 now.

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