/e/ featured in the online Edition of Süddeutsche, a major german newspaper [paywall]

The focus was mainly on privacy, and the history of /e/ is well explained. Other projects also got some spotlight: Volla, Ubuntu Touch, Mudita Pure

Edit: the article is paywalled, sorry for getting your hopes up. I see it as a signal for mainstream appeal of /e/. The content of the article is well known for anybody in this forum. It’s giving an overview of parties involved and no indepth review of /e/ or the other alternatives itself.

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Article protected by SZ Plus payment barrier.

Is this article worth reading and a 24-hour SZ Plus access for €1.99?

bad link. Only able to read with payment. It’s a no go

It is not a bad link, it is a good one and a gogo. Nothing is for free and I thought that’s why we are all here. If you want freedom and democracy then you have to pay for it. Best would be if you buy a subscription to read the article and also monthly donate to the /e/ foundation - because our beloved privacy focused OS also isn’t magically made by people who don’t need an income for a living.


If it’s featured in the print edition tomorrow, you can read it via blendle.com for 45-85 eurocent

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you can get the article there since Feb 3rd by searching for the author or the title “Datensammeln verboten” or any other string from the preview text

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Thank you for your renewed attention. I’ve read this article in its entirety.

Attentive /e/Forum users have also read this kind of information dozens of times in similar articles. Some lines of text remind me of a paste & copy action.

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Being an enthusiast myself, getting a read on how my special interest is presented to a general audience by a professional writer has a self reflective effect

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