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Hello dear e Family .

Today I like to bring a idea to the e.foundation , that would make e even more powerful then we already are.

As a independent Promoter of e Firmware on a number of devices I Own that have e Support,
I got to learn that because Our E ROMs are Unique Updated on regular base and support older devices and work better then other Roms. for these particular devices , many people want to use e Firmware

Example : e for Note 2 , N7100 has a as the only ROM a Working GPS and a working everything
the A3 on OREO , fully updated ,2021 patched great developer (Danwood) and working amazingly nice , and so I can call a number of my devices , The Titan , 2021 Firmware just think about it , Official e . but also the Fairphone S8 S8 plus S9 all beautiful roms.

However we also see that some users run in to problems because of their depending life on Google they had before e Was Born. , but if they Use E they run in to difficult situations.

Now i,ve been thinking , This Old Group also want to use e cause their devices work very good and hey Nougat with 2021 patches is just as good as Android 12 that still must come on older devices , so let’s be happy with these light Builds .

However , if we also create Builds without MicroG build in , we also can serve that group , if they want to be a part of the google eco system , hey opengapps will serve them well…

MicroG is for us that are used to use a computer on it’s own , without any thing bounded to it , but some bought apps and at a certain moment are like , …nice but I cannot use it …and that my friends is for us another goal to double our support , meaning twice the number of ROMs we now have .

I believe that this is the Next Step to take in e World , cause the love for e is growing with the hour.

I hope this idea will motivate Mr Gael and e Family to bring e to even more users , that will stay
on e cause there is nothing better out there , official and if there is , it’s not so unique as e

Community please reply and share your thoughts on this sunny Saturday .
Greetings from the Netherlands
Best regards

Puck AKA Channel48

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphonestrong text

Not necessarily.
Since /e/ is the result of further degoogling compared to LineageOS, which /e/ is based on, the genuine Google services might not run reliably or at all on /e/ with microG removed.

If you want to install genuine Google services via Open GApps or the likes, stick with LineageOS, don’t count on /e/ builds without microG. Such builds couldn’t reliably help even if they were there.


Aha , so it’s not possible because of the way , e was build ? is that what you are saying?

We like to run e :slight_smile: and for some devices there is no Lineageos …so what you are saying is that a E version that would be suitable for Gapps must be complettly rebuild?

Making /e/ suitable for GApps would defeat the purpose of /e/, I can’t imagine the e foundation investing any resources into that, but I can’t speak for them.

The prime objective for /e/ is to enable users to get away from Google dependencies, not to be the go-to after-market OS for devices which don’t have one or were dropped by LineageOS. In both cases you would have to wonder where /e/, based on LineageOS as it is, would even come from or for how long it would still be supplied for the respective devices.


That is true , but sometimes you must expand the purpose a bit so more people can join the show,e is a special OS most because of it’s look and feels , it just freaking beautiful , Many users with a eye for beauty , love that …they don’t care to much about the original purpose , they love god but don’t go to Church l:)

/e/ is special because of its degoogling.
And if you are talking about the default launcher Bliss, the perception of beauty is subjective. Many users including me couldn’t be quicker to discard it and install a different launcher. If I want to use iOS, I’ll get an iPhone, thanks :wink: .

No you are seeing it wrong , It’s not only the bliss launcher that brings the beauty but many other parts in the firmware , the total thing , installing Blisslauncher in another Rom will not give you E look and feels in fact it will look ugly , because it needs it’s iconpack and as well the apps that are related to that pack …so installing that pack will only help a bit , It will never look like e

Now I can understand that You as a Android User feel that BlissLauncher is to IOS and Apple , but hey i,m also a Apple user , and Android learned qua beauty allot from IOS , they are not our enemies …

Besides that a great group of Android users are tired of the regular looks from the standard launchers they just love e look and feels .

E is the ONLY Rom creator that had the guts to think and look different.
I respect that very much ,

I respect that, too, and I respect people feeling differently about a look and feel. Android gives us choices, that’s nice.

If you want to impress anybody with the Apps, there’s discussion already about /e/'s forks of existing Apps being outdated compared to the originals, and the Apps installer having a dubious source of Play Store Apps to be able to offer them.
/e/ is a complete package, which’s fate is mostly under the e foundation’s own control, I can understand and appreciate that, but under the hood it’s not all looking entirely pretty.

Anyway, if /e/'s vision and mission would be mainly to spread a look and feel and forks of Apps, it would be nowhere near where it is today, userbase-wise.
Most probably it is as you say, and a target audience could be found for mainly the look and feel, but I don’t see how to make sense of catering to that if the way to do it would be to sacrifice the degoogling. Style above substance doesn’t sound convincing.

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I think you misunderstood me . I already learned that it’s not possible to let Gapps work on existing E roms because the way it was created , I,m just looking for a way to maybe make a build that is not that degoogled and suitable for installing gapps , just to broaden our range , and as I now understood from You , a brand new probably less work build must be created based on not degoogled Lineageos , correct me please if that is possible or not?

I don’t see it as broadening the range. Just supplying the look and feel to LineageOS wouldn’t be /e/.
You can already install Bliss on other Android OSes (it’s on F-Droid), most of the Apps are also there as originals (unforked by /e/), the e foundation would just need to provide the icon pack then and could leave this whole thing be with an installation guide.

I don’t know how much work it would be to split up the LineageOS forking to get /e/ out of it and additionally a LineageOS just with the look and feel, but technically it should be possible.
I’m doubtful that they would or should bother with this, but that’s just me.

Thank You :slight_smile:

Choose another ROM . There are many out there or just Android

I know really , I,m a Rom reviewer and the guy that make IOS Looking ROMS all the time because i,m not a regular user , Most Android I think look ugly nd are not in the style we find in e that’s why trust me I know what is beautiful !