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I have bought a FP3 and I don’t have time to flash /e/, so I saw this :

When do this service can be expected ? I have seen messages from people not at ease with flashing.

Last question : can /e/ confirm that the Bootloader is re-locked after /e/ flashing ?


Hi @Alt0216,
The Mail-us-your-phone service is delayed. We were in the testing phase which was also getting hampered by the shortage of staff and resources. Now with the covid-19 related lock-downs across nations the process has come to a standstill. We hope to find a solution to this as a number of users are not comfortable flashing the device on their own.
One alternative is we are planning on releasing a computer based installer which can do the installation. The user has to connect the smartphone and follow the instructions on the screen. This installer should be released next week. Works on linux as a snap install check the screenshot below . It will show up as ‘easy installer’

Plan is to adapt it for Mac and Windows PC’s. Open up the source code so other developers can also help with the development and add more devices to it. In its current version it supports only some Samsung models.


Great ! In my case I have an old Ubuntu 16.04 version and I haven’t been able to update ADB and Fastboot to unlock the bootloader …
I know that you will give all the instructions but I have some questions :
What is the required Linux distribution and version (if a specific one required) ?
Will we have to unlock the bootloader before to use the “easy installer” ?
What is the required ADB and Fastboot version (if required) ?


Smartphone Flashing service via Mail


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Try this current version of the Android SDK Platform Tools for Linux → platform-tools_r30.0.0-linux

Thank you archje for your help but as I said I don’t have enough time and not sure that 16.04 version is “sufficient” for the the latest SDK version. So the best is probably to flash the 20.04 version and with it I should have the required ADB and Fastboot version. In any case I will wait the /e/asy installer and what is the required distribution/version.

Hi i don’t know if I’m to post this info apologies in advance.
before I learned to flash roms for my self I used a service I found on E bay in Britain, just search for
Android Rooting & Custom Software Installation, cost is about £17
I have used the service more than once.
Or you might be able to find a local phone repair shop that could flash /e/

Thank you for the tip, haven’t checked if an equivalent service is in my country but for my FP3 I believe that eelo people are the most qualified.

As per Gaël announcement Fairphone 3 is not covered by the easy installer …

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