\e\ for Android (TV) boxes too?

Nowdays many peoples has smart TVs/boxes at home, many of them produced in China and with “unclear” Android firmwares.

It would be interesting to have a “free as in freedom” firmware(s) to clear them up from bloatwares, Google services and (maybe) stock mal/spyware.

There’s already some alternative - AmLogic-oriented - Android-based “stable” firmwares projects such as ‎atvXperience, Poison ROM and some other minor customs, so establishing some kind of collaboration with them could benefit all, IMHO.

Hope that inspires !


I keep coming back to this subject again and again for more than a year, but I have not yet found anything satisfactory. All I can name is Nvidia Shield TV + LineageOS, or some single-board computer like ODROID-N2 + AOSP. Both are powerful enough, but cost about 100 bucks. The upcoming HardROCK64 looks promising and costs less, while /e/ team already has experience with Pine64, but it’s all too complicated anyway.

Found some another interesting (Amlogic) AndroidTV ROM projects:

SLIMBOX ATV and AOSP are two custom firmwares suitable with some modifications for many android TV boxes.

Aidan’s Custom ROM

Old but interesting “news”: (unofficial) LineageOS 19.1 for Amlogic G12*/SM1 Family Devices released

Interstin reply by npjohnson (the LOS amlogic builder) about a possible \e\ build:

their whole core system doesn’t support Android TV GMS at the moment

Last but not least, some interesting UNOFFICIAL build here:

Another interesting 3ad @ Raxda (Zero, Amlogic-based) community:


Here’s other confirmations for why we need builds for android boxes too:



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