/e/ for LG G3 (International) (d855)

@rhunault, I appreciate your work very much and say thank you on this way also for the update e-0.7-n-2019111530798-dev-d855.

As seen, the developments for the /e/ OS project are going well and I wish them continued success.

@Panta has repeatedly created a runnable /e/ OS 9-Pie Docker build with no known problems, tested on the LG G3 D855 itself and running.

For my part, I can say that the installation and operation runs really smoothly. These are the best prerequisites for a change to the official e-9-pie development.

Thank you for your feedbacks. We need to study how to handle upgrade between Android version. :slightly_smiling_face:

n-p-9-Pie runs and runs and runs …

n-p-9-Pie runs and runs and runs …

Source → The state of the LineageOS-based /e/ ROM in December 2019

The Android security patch level is November 5, 2019, according to the settings. As mentioned above, Google dropped support for this ROM and didn’t release any security updates for Android 7 in November 2019. We don’t know why the patch level is November in this case. It should be October 2019. The current patch level is December 2019.

What should the user think of it?

Update by Manoj Nair /e/ support & community leader

I’m interested in a up-to-date ROM for the LG G3 D-855. Is there something new about a official upgrade?

We are working on it, device by device. At the moment, LG G3 doesn’t have the highest priority, but as LOS team officially support Pie on it, we should be able to upgrade in the future.

/e/ for d855 dev (nougat) e-0.8-n-2020041549770-dev-d855 : Android security patch level March 5, 2020