/e/ for Samsung A10

Hello everyone, I own a a Samsung Galaxy A10 and I was wondering if /e/ will soon support it and/or if there exist a version that already exists and could be installed on it ? Thanks for help. I am a brand new user !

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I think your device has Android 10 and there is no eOS 10/Q available.
You can try eOS Pie GSI, but I fear it won’t boot with Q vendor partition.
If there is a Android 9 / pie version for your device and you can downgrade, than you can use eOS GSI.
But search good for downgrading because Samsung often downgrade won’t work.

eOS Q is wip for supported devices. When it will be available for unsupported devices nobody really knows

Thanks a lot that is very clear ! It is under Android 9. I am not sure to try to downgrade… Thanks again.

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If your are on 9 it is perfect. Than you can use eOS GSI

TWRP : https://eu.dl.twrp.me/a10/
@sourceforge.net/projects/eurekaroms/files/Samsung/A10 : e-1.10-s-20230406-UNOFFICIAL-a10.zip