/e/ for virtualization

Hi There,

Im a member of Whonix Anonymous OS staff, it come to my attention this nice piece of software and i have some questions:

1- How much possible to run the OS inside Virtualizer? (like Xen or Virtualbox or KVM or qemu)

2- If its possible to run it with Xen hypervisor , would you consider having a Qubes OS Template?

3- Does /e/ contain any nasty non-free software? if no, is it compatible with FSDG?


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Looping @rhunault from the development team to help with this query.

I don’t think taht you can /e/ or any other custom android rom on a VM. There are to much hardware differences.
As xou can see in the roadmap sometimes in the future there will be a /e/ for x86 (laptops) and than you will be able to run it on a VM

There are for android as for 86x for e.g:


and so as 64-bit : (in development)


I dont really recommend the x86 , i have published this collection:

Clearnet Link:

Onion Link:

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The VM’s you are pointing to are all x86, but you are writing that you don’t recommend x86. So I’m confused.

I just mentioned that there are Android running specifically for VMs.

I am advising not to walk through the same mistakes of android when you want to build your architecture.

sorry , hope i solved your confusion :slight_smile:

Im still waiting for an answer to Question number 3…

Regarding question 3, you can find the open source code of /e/ on https://gitlab.e.foundation/

On the application level I am aware of magic earth that is not open source. You can read a few notes about that map application here:

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I see thank you for the answer.

Then /e/ not yet ready to respect user freedom (since there are non-free firmware,applications …etc).

only free software for mobiles which respect users is pureOS which comes in librem5. (endorsed by FSF)

Hope to see /e/ one day becomes free software which respect user freedom.


We’re focusing first on user’s data privacy. And don’t have the prentension to offer something 100% perfect today. That doesn’t exist and I firmly believe that “better and better over time” is better than nothing.

However as explained earlier:

  1. Maps as MagicEarth is providing some transparency about user’s data privacy
  2. MagicEarth will possibly become an open source application
  3. If we see a better application than Magic Earth, that is open source at the same time, we will consider a replacement
  4. I’m super-happy if there are other projects than /e/, with other approaches, it gives more choice to people.