/e/ foundation GitLab bandwidth fair use

Hi !

This is about gitlab.e.foundation.

What maximum bandwidth should an individual use (i.e. when pulling sources for building), without disturbing others, especially /e/ dev team ?

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Hi @smu44 that is a very interesting question. The source download is a one time affair. Depending on the speed of your internet it should take anything from 3 to 12 hours ( I have experienced both :frowning: ) There are very few users who build the ROM as such do not think there should be any issue for the developers when you access the source. As it is the dev fork their changes and do not download the entire base for their changes I do not think they ever get impacted when you pull the sources.

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Thanks @Manoj for your reply :slight_smile:

As you OVH server probably have a 1Gb/s max bandwifth, as a matter of precaution I’ll stay with 512Mb/s limit for now :wink: