E Foundation partner with Freedombox Foundation in the future?

Was just wondering if there has been any consideration of partnering with the Freedombox Foundation in the near future? It seems like it would be a great partnership, they are dedicated to creating something that could decentralize most of the internet and from what I’ve read about it it is a relatively easy process to set up one, being able to self host your own online services in your own home, which seems right in E Foundations wheelhouse.

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Having tried both, I’d say Yunohost is easier to set up and use.

Both are very interesting. Seems difficult to choose one. Can anybody explain the advanteges of each?
For me it looks like fb can do video calls and their goal is more related to privacy, but yh is easier to setup and handle.
Which one might last longer? Anymore experiences?

Yunohost has Metronome XMPP server installed by default. Synapse (Matrix server) is available for easy installation. Synapse also sets up a stun/turn server. With all of these installed end to end encrypted messaging, audio & video calls are possible over XMPP and Matrix. My preference is for XMPP as it is much faster. Conversations is an excellent XMPP client for Android which supports audio/video calling. There are some equally good forks of Conversations if you prefer a slightly different UX (e.g. Pix-Art.) If you prefer Matrix then there are several clients available but I believe Riot is the only one on Android which supports audio/video calling. I never managed to get further than setting up instant messaging (no audio/video calling) with Freedombox. As always, YMMV.

The freedombox also has the Synapse Matrix server one click install for Riot instant messaging which can do video/ voice calls and texts.Looks very easy to setup as in this tutorial video.

I bought the pioneer freedombox last month as mentioned in another /e/ forum thread sadly i havent set it up yet as you have to log into your router/modem and change some settings. When i eventually get round to it i will post on the freedombox forum on how to setup the router for it, tho it does have a detailed manual, the modem router provided by my ISP is a bit fiddly, i will have to take screenshots of the router settings before i change things. Tho once the modem/router is set up it should be easy.

On the plus side the pioneer freedombox should also works with yunohost as its a lime2 board, i can just swap the microsd boot card and try both should i need to,

For both systems, the recommended router settings involve putting the machine in the DMZ. They both have firewalls which should be enabled. As the router most likely has a web interface, you will also need to reconfigure it to listen on ports other than 80 & 443. This is because both systems use Let’s Encrypt for SSL certificates, which requires access via these ports to set up and install the certificates.

Yes, Synspse is available on both systems. Freedombox has ejabberd for XMPP. Try either and if the first one does what you want without any hair loss then stick with it. Otherwise try the other. Good luck. :grinning:

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