E foundation Versus Disroot.org?

Where is e foundation services better versus disroot.org? E foundation gives 1 GB storage free. Disroot gives 2 GB free. E foundation costs 0.17 Euro per month per GB for 20 GB. Disroot costs 0.15 euro per GB per month for 14 GB, and system admins cannot see content. Both have similar services. Where is E foundation better?



I guess e cloud services are integrated into the ROM during the first setup process itself. Having your contacts, photos, files, etc synced

Am not sure where disroot’s and e’s servers are located but the cost could vary depending on it.

e.foundation’s /e/-cloud doesn’t have to be better and cheaper than Dis`root’ - a platform that exclusively offers these online services. e.foundation calculates according to its business plan.

/e/-cloud isn’t required to use /e/ OS ROM. Thus, every user can use his preferred cloud.

Hey @archje

Can we use other nextcloud servers with /e/ os such as the above mentioned disroot during the setup?

I haven’t migrated to /e/ os yet.

Hej @harvey186, you’re a connoisseur of this matter. Can you please help?!

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sure, you can use what ever cloud server you want. But be careful. after first boot of eOS DON’T add this different NC server first run setup. Skip this step, you can add it later.
If you own a e.email account you should first setup your email account in mail app. Than you can setup your own cloud server under ‘settings’ / ‘accounts’ / ‘/e/’ with your own credentials.

If you don’t own a e.email account, you better should setup your own cloud server via WebDAv account (also under settings’ / ‘accounts’ ) and nextcloud client or what ever your cloud is using.