/e/ FP3+: Can´t receive pictures and voicenotes with Telegram FOSS and Threema

Hi everyone,

I use a /e/ FP3+ with Signal, Telegram FOSS and Threema.
Signal works perfectly fine with all functions.
The problem occurs while using Threema and Telegram FOSS: Sending voice notifications and pictures is possible, but not receiving (Threema) or even opening (Telegram) them.

Telegram FOSS says by using an error-sign “Datei konnte nicht vom Server heruntergeladen werden.”
I´ve checked the settings for both apps, but I can´t find the setting to correct it.

Do you have any ideas for solving this problem?

Many greetings

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I had a similar issue with telegram and maps. The issue started when I moved the apps to a SD Card, after resetting and keeping the apps on the phones memory all worked without issue. I also formatted the SD Card as Portable storage.


Hi MA2973,

thanks a million for your hint! On my phone it was exactly that issue. I´ve done it like you and now it works as it should.

Many greetings

Hi, how do you reset an App?
I installed threema from the SD card and updates it also from SD.i got the parts from my old fone.
The thing is, i can receive messages but i cant open threema itself to change settings etc. And in Auora i vant update it.
Any idea how to solve this Problem?

Thanks a lot! :+1: :pray: Your answer made my day! :heart: