/e/ GSI and Samsung galaxy A40

Hello all,
I’ve seen several posts about /e/ GSIs, is there any reason to believe these would not work on a Samsung Galaxy A40?
And can someone please point me towards the most recent build?

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Hi Rik,
As you know, the topic of Treble GSI ROM is not supported by the /e/Team and thus remains a marginal topic. This is more or less also expressed with this statement:

@Rik with GSI’s the only issue we have is getting a dedicated resource to work on it. For now users are dependent on the unofficial GSI’s made by other users.

On top of that, the GSI protagonist @harvey186 has withdrawn from the eForum. So it won’t get any easier to get hold of well-functioning /e/GSIs.

The Galaxy A40 was released in April 20219 with Android 9.0 (Pie) and is therefore fully Treble GSI compatible. You will have a quick AOSP Android 11 success experience with [UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS-18.1 For Samsung Galaxy A40. The LOS 18.1 build is from 29.12.2020 and therefore up-to-date.

A good chance for an early [UNOFFICIAL] /e/ Q-GSI results from @anon26953564:

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wow thanks for this detailed advice!

I would prefer using LeOS. It’s a full ungoogled AOSP Android11 GSI

I would post a link, but all my post’s with links are getting deleted by moderator

you can try https://&leos-gsi&.&de

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Bought the /e/ Fairphone :slight_smile:

It works perfect on several FP3(+). No bugs :))

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Hi Uncle Bob , LeOS currently running on my Xperia xa2 (pioneer) . So far so good…

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