/e/ hotspot and tethering setting

Does the /e/ rom allow activation of the hot spot or tether even if your carrier account does not allow you to to use your phone as a hot spot device? I already have this feature on my t mobile account so I do not know if the rom allows for it without having to change it in adb. Thanks

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I’m able to activate hotspot, but I never have heart that a provider wont allow that. So I only can say, the feature is there.

I probably should have phrased that a little better. Its not that the carrier will not allow you to use a hotspot. The carrier charges you more to use it because it is an add on feature to your subscription account.

On most US carriers the phones OS is limited to that add on subscription. You can change it if your phone is rooted but you would have to watch your usage or the carrier might suspend your account for using hot spot / tether without having the add on in your subscriptions.

Thank you answered my question. /e/ allows hot spotting without having to mode it :smiley: