/e/ is going mature; time for an Activity and Financial Report?

Dear all!
The game has become important, transparency always pays off and, for an open source project, is a must. Might it be time to start accounting to donors for revenue and expenditure flows with a document [Activity and Financial Report] that may be informal and not certified, but transparent?
imho it would make the whole project appear more solid, stable and serious, encouraging even more supporter.


Hi @DiegoM we would be sharing the financial details on our website. Will share the url here.


Hi Manoj.

To be concrete about what I mean with “Activity and Financial Report” and give a real example I extracted a document from a different sector (but also “open knowledge”:wink:


As you may see it presents data about resources involved (payed or voluntier), number of people involved for various reasons, in and out cash-flow, other specificities.

I know that will involve time to get it done, but I’m also shure that, looking to the project numbers in such a way may be an internal surprise and set an instrument to stop any “gossip” that such a project will raised, expecially when “big brother” will discover and say “hey, is running, lets try to stop them!”.



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I’m more interested in degoogle myself => more interested in /e/ services like nextcloud [payied] space or mail *


Thanks for sharing the format of the report @DiegoM. As I mentioned above we will share the details on our website. I will pass on the url once it is posted on the web.