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Been using /e/ for over 1 year now. Super happy.
Privacy started to ask for more.
On my desktop PC I have an OS where I am using VPN from provider 1, while my web browser browser is equippied with VPN from provider 2.
I wanted to create a VPN multihop - make my web browsing request go first through VPN#1, and then VPN#2. Is this a proper way to create it or I have to make it using VM?


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What you are trying to do will not yield any benefit in privacy nor security, not to mention the drop in speeds, difficulty setting things up and other potential issues due to using two separate products competing for control over the network traffic in your computer. Is there any particular reason why you want to do this?

I’m also curious to know which browser you’re using that comes equipped with its own VPN, or are you split-tunneling it?

Despite the title your description seems to point out you’re trying to tweak with your desktop/laptop instead of your phone.

Well, this was obviously a bit off topic. No, its not android, its for my computer.
I wanted to achieve what is called VPN cascade. So, do I understand it is not a correct way to do that?

If you already have a system-wide VPN that routes all your traffic to a VPN server, then your browser-specific VPN will be routed through that which is what you are looking for.

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