E-mail alternative applications

Hi everyone,

I used to default /e/ os Mail app since I got it but I’d like a more friendly e-mail application.

On my server side, I have lots of folders additional to usual ‘inbox’, ‘sent’, ‘trash’ & co

At least, an application which:

  • better managed remote folders
  • more user friendly ‘mark [un]read’

Many thanks.

What are you missing ??

I think swiping for mark up is a good feature. How do you want to have it ?

The preinstalled email app in eOS is K-9 fork — this is developers’ choice. About half a year ago I tested all (or almost all) of the available email clients from F-Droid and also came to the conclusion that K-9 is the most balanced one. But if you don’t like it, you can try FairEmail (more advanced and complex tool) or SimpleEmail (more casual, but hasn’t been updated in a while).


I really like FairEmail too. Responsive developer also. And you can purchase the pro version without having Google Play store (which should be the norm but is not)!


About remote folders: in addition to traditional “Inbox”, “Sent” & co folders, I have several server folders (let’s call them ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’).

So far, I’ve been unable to configure default Mail application to synchronize and see them.

In addition, I would like to get the Folder List view as default (instead of the Unified Inbox).

About the [un]read => when I mark “unread” a message I’ve just checked (and need time, later, to answer properly), I would like the application to move back to the e-mail list, but it stays on the message I’ve just read (I’ve found a setting to move back to the e-mail list after deletion, but not after marking it unread …).

Thanks for your feeback.

I tried FairEmail, and I agree with you and @Rik, it is quite Sexy and more ergonomic.

Anyway, the “other” Folders sync. is a premium feature, so I still can’t each my needs :confused:

This is info what might be interesting to add in /e/ Apps. (pro version available outside PS)


i agree. Perhaps suggest it as a feature on /e/ Gitlab!

you could buy the pro version right? i think it’s a onetime small amount

Yes I can; First i’d like to give max change to default Mail Application; there may be some interesting answer here, soon.

Been using Fairemail since it first came out - so much better than K9. The amount of work the dev has put in and the fact he is so responsive makes it worth paying the small amount for the pro features in my opinion.
The same dev is behind Netguard, another amazing app.
Both are opensource and can be downloaded as apk’s from github

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Hi, I use the Mail app (the standard email app in E os). In Thunderbird it is possible to show emails only as plain text. This brings a massive improvement in privacy. Is there a plan to add that feature to the mail app?

Hi, thanks for communicating this issue.
I have tge same thing that my ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ folders (Iam sticking to your naming) from my principal mail account do now show up in the /e/ mail application. But the additional folders from my old gmail address that I am still checking via IMAP through my phone are perfectly showing. I guess that coukd be a bug that should be reported to the Git.

FairEmail is really nice, thanks for the testing and promoting in this thread. I am using this app now to have a separate E-Mail App for my work. I don’t need to check work mail on the phone regularly but I am glad if I can access it occasionally and in a separate app (I can check private mails without glancing at incoming work mails or without seeing numbers of unread workmail in my freetime…)