/e/-Mail doesn't resume sync after flight mode


whenever I switch back from “flight mode” to “live mode”, everything wakes up but the sync in /e/-Mail. Solution is to manually switch Options - Network - Sync mode between the two non-stop options. Which option is active doesn’t matter at all they seem to be identical in what they do.
Can this be automated? Or could this bug be fixed?


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This is an issue since 0.13 or so.

Would be interesting to know whether this is a problem of the forked stock Mail app or of the original K-9.

Might be a K-9 inherited problem: [Oreo] Loss and regain of connection can cause synch to remain disabled. (Not Doze related, but network) · Issue #3428 · k9mail/k-9 · GitHub

And thanks for linking to yet another place where I can look for help/info/issues with /e/… :smiley: