E-Mail Domain "e.email" to be Depricated?

Hi there,

is there any end of live date for the “e.email” domain? I read on the website

" ending in @murena.io (formedly @e.email)."

I understand that there is some transfomration phase from e.email to murna.io but am not sure if e.email will be out of work in the future?

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Hi @nldmn welcome to the /e/ forum.

There is no hint that it will be deprecated in this document Create a free Murena Cloud account, the final paragraph mentions e.email validity.

I think we see the wording “formerly” as the documentation is changed to murena.io.

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e.email DNS domain expiration is due to July, 23 2023.
Don’t know what will happen next.

I really hope @e.email addresses continue to work. That’s what I signed up for and I’m quite happy with it. I have no need or desire to use a @murena.io address. If it is to be deprecated then I hope /e/ will give a lot of notice: I use my e.email address as a login for a number of services and it would ba a hassle to change them all. But as @aibd says, I have seen no suggestion from /e/ that this is likely to happen


I really hope the e.email domain remains valid. I hate having to replace my email address everywhere I’ve used it.

I just noticed new Murena cloud users do not get and e.email address anymore. Whoever creates a new account now, only gets the murena.io domain.

I hope this is not a sign of further things to come…

Same here, I really like my @e.email address, and I have to say I personally prefer it over @murena.io.

Also, I plan to migrate my main email account this year after some 20+ years with Yahoo :partying_face: Because - of course - I don’t like them snooping around in my private stuff. I’m currently evaluating either to switch to the lovely @e.email address or to create a protonmail account. Because of that it would be very nice to know if @e.email is planned to be a permanent thing. Maybe @Manoj knows more?

It will not be possible to create new e.email IDs …the new ID will be ending with murena.io
Existing e.email IDs will continue to be active, in addition these users get a murena.io ID.
I also use my e.email ID for my correspondence instead of the murena ID.


Thanks, Manoj. Do you know if the the e.email IDs continue to be active for as long as the murena-email-service is active? I’m planning a long-term migration of my main email-address, so this would be good to know.

There are no plans to deprecate the e.email ID. You can use it long term, as do most of the /e/OS team members.