/e/ mail isn't working right

Hello there!

I got serious problems rendering my acc completely unusable.

I can receive emails, but when I send them, receipment never receives a thing. Doesn’t matter who I send them. They are however to be found in sent mail and I never receive any message about my mail being undelivered.

I also have failed trying to find any support on this topic or contact to a responsible person.

Is there anything I can do besides of deleting my murena.io plan and switching to another provider?

What mail app?

How did it came that it doesn’t work anymore? Did it work before?

It used to work.

I use my iPhone and Mail app in MacOS - I can receive mails, send mails, I can even see them then in my ‘sent’ folder when I use murena.io webmail. So murena servers know about them but fail to deliver any.

So my mails are never received. I just sent bunch of mails with attachments and plaintext textmails to all of my other emails. None of them arrived.

I just received some of messages I sent to my private mail. But none of mails I sent to gmail in last few days are received.

The SMTP server works, checked this right now. And the server didn’t change anything, my account is older than a year and I never changed anything there.

You should check your configuration for the SMTP server in your mail app:

Server name: mail.ecloud.global
User name: yourname@e.email
Password: ...
Authentication: automatic
Security: STARTTLS
Port: 587

Note: the user name specified here is not mandatory the one used by the mail messages in the From header. It must be the one which allows authentication on that SMTP server. Normally this is the one and only mail address, but it can be different.

And perhaps you have multiple SMTP accounts on your device, often hidden in “identities” or “profiles”. In this case you must ensure that you use the right one for sending, that’s sometimes not clear. Most servers check this to avoid sending mass mails as SPAM. You can probably only send a message using the /e/ SMTP server when you also use an /e/ address in From.

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Thanks to your help I was able to determine that problem is my mail client somehow. Although all my settings are correct, it doesn’t work with gmail.

I used autogenerated configfile from Murena.io which seems to be misbehaving.

When I use webmail client, everything works fine except for my adress is being reported as name@murena.io and not e.email which will be most likely very confusing for receipments. Need to solve that as well.

Anyways - “Danke fur alles” so far! :slight_smile:

Yeah, but iPhone, Gmail crap, Murena mail server - what is this here all about?

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The problem seems to be autoconfig files for iPhone you can generate yourself Here are causing sent mail not to be delivered to gmail. Other mailservers seem delayed up to few hours, but okay in the end.

When I use webmail interface, it works just fine.

I will try to setup my mail manualy, when I got time for it. Autoconfig seems to be the problem. Strange thing is it happens not to be delivered at all only when sending smth to gmail.

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