/e/ Mail swipe right to archive πŸ›

Hi :wave:
I used samsung s9 SM-G960F on android 10 e_starlte-user 10 QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.20230614.142858 dev-keys,stable-release

When I config the /e/ Mail > Setting > General settings > interractions > Swipe actions > Right swipe = Archives

Return to the app no swipe action to right. I I configure swipe to delete it works.

Same problem Swipe actions > Left swipe = Archives does not work.

Is anyone face this bug on SM-G960F or any other model ?


Is your archive folder correctly set-up?
Does it work from the 3-dot menu (Refile), when viewing a message?

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When I installed an account I don’t config anything.

After I defined the folder to receive Archived email from (none) it works !

Settings > Accounts > Account settings > Folders

Thank you @smu44 :+1:

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