/e/ mail sync issue / switch to FairMail?

Since the K9 Mail app integrated in /e/ by default is not functioning correctly (Issue with Sync on Imap) and that no fix has been proposed since 2018, may I suggest that we switch to FairEmail ?
I have tested on on my PH1 and it work just fine.

Any other alternative ?

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/e/ (K9) Mail app works great for me on my PH-1 with just my e.email address, I am also using FairEmail for other email accounts which is also good in its own right, however my one gripe with F.E is there is always a persistent notification present to allow for push email. Have you noticed this?

I use the original Mail app for both my e.email account as well with other accounts of my own.
Never had an issue with synchronysm whatsoever.
I use a Moto G 2014 (titan).

Glad t works for you.
Found several post in the community about this issue (back in 2018), including a one suggesting change the battery optimization settings.

I regret that the team did not find a solution solving bugs in one of the key app integrated in /e/ since the start.

Will test fairmail for a while and see.

for K9: why not use it for your other accounts ? Have you got Imap sync issues?
For FairEmail notification: will check in details. so far did not notice

I’m using the e-email app on 3 xiaomi devices sind the beginning of e for 6 different IMAP accounts, incl. one e.email account. I never have had an issue after disabling he batterie optimization and right setup of polling in each account.

For my private email I’m using proton and proton push messages isn’t working. But that’s OK for me, so I have silence til I’m checking my mails manually.
I fear, if you have issues with e-email app, you will also get issues with other email clients

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I donated to FairEmail so I have the Pro version so I figured I may as well make use of it is really the only reason. I’ve never experienced any IMAP sync issues in either. I may migrate everything into Mail/K9 app eventually.

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Exodus privacy lists a tracker in FairEmail. As I recall the creator mentioned something about only used if you agree to help improve the program, but something to be aware of.

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Yeah bugsnag, I notice a fair few independent devs use this one.

Not every tracker is a bad tracker :wink:
and b3pio is absolute right

True not every tracker is a bad tracker, but every tracker means my information is out there in the cloud and could be compromised. As for bugsnag:

  1. Runs on google servers
  2. Information can be transferred from EU etc to USA
  3. It costs money to run bugsnag, unless you have very few users. How is this paid for?
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Very true, I would much prefer 0 trackers. I was a quite shocked FairEmail uses bugsnag, well any sort of tracker at all as he seems very concerned with privacy in F.E.

that’s 100% right. The only tracker I’m trust i the ACRA tracker. It’s open source.

bugsnag is a really BAD tracker

I use FairMail PRO since several months and it’s a great mailer. The developer is also very responsive and friendly. Have anyone contacted him and asked about the bugsnag topic?

FM PRO was one of the first apk I have installed on the /e/ device as I don’t like the k9 which is the e-mail on /e/

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I would agree, Marcel has been super helpful with any queries I’ve had. And yes I think we should contact him about the bugsnag tracker.

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really googe idea. And if he need a bugtracker, he should use an open source tracker like ACRA

As @anon84098008 mentioned Its very easy to disable the bugsnag error report in the FE app. But i think its the fact thats it in there in the first place… I agree @harvey186 If he MUST use a error reporting tracker I also think ACRA