/e/ making my favourite fdroid apps unusable

Hi Friends!Installed /e/ on my moto g4 titan today.Been following this project sometime and when i got hold of an /e/ supported device (titan) immediately installed /e/.Using TWRP installation is smooth and also downloaded the available update and the update intallation is also very smooth.Overall performance excellent.
For the last couple of years fdroid is my only go to place for apps.Happy to see a large number of fdroid apps in /e/.But i noticed that these apps you pre installed in /e/ are not similar to those same versions available in fdroid.For examble fdroid version of open camera has an option to turn off shutter sound but in the /e/ version there is no such option.But both are same versions.Telegram also have different settings.I tried to install open camera and telegram from fdroid and they didn’t install or install as /e/ version.
Using adb shell i noticed these two packages:
What are these packages for?However i removed these two using adb shell and no problem the system working fine.
Please do not pre install so many apps as system apps.Let the user choose what they want or atleast add options to disable or uninstall pre installed apps.
Continue your good work /e/ team.Thankyou.


Hi @huilong, thanks for sharing your feedback. We are working on a ROM with the option to remove system apps. This will give the user the option to remove un-necessary apps. Plus an /e/ specific app repository is in the works which will make it easy to select and install user privacy respecting apps. Cannot give precise ETA’s for now but the team is working on this at full steam.

Thanks @Manoj.That was so quick!You are a great community /e/.Will continue to use and support /e/.