/e/ on Fairphone 4


The tweet makes it sound like the FP4 will be sold with /e/ preinstalled from 25 October, but reading Manoj’s post reply at the top makes it seem that is not going to be the case. Should I assume it won’t be available until at least December 2021 with /e/ preinstalled?

Whatever you want, my friend…

Or, wait and see what happens… :wink:

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Yes, but 25 October is in 7 days. You either know or don’t know that it’ll be ready now.

Also, I read it as:

  1. " our aim is to be ready for commercialization by October 25" (i.e. start selling the FP4)
  2. [commercialisation] means /e/ being compatible with FP4 & /e/foundation having stock to sell it pre-installed.

It’s weird that the FP4 messaging and the /e/Foundation is so far apart for a product that is planned to be on sale from next week.

My aim is world peace. :man_shrugging:

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Not a great analogy.

This is just about clear communication around a product. The reason it is important to me is that I am trying to persuade people that this is a great time to switch to /e/ with a new and deGoogled product, so the lack of clarity from the FP company is a bit frustrating.

Fairphone don’t do the porting. The ones doing the porting of /e/ to the Fairphone 4 say by end of this year. I would consider anytime sooner as a pleasant surprise.

Yeah, I think you’re probably right.

You can still try to persuade people when the degoogled product is actually available :wink: .

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7 days is a long time. Much can Happen in 7 days.

God has made the world in 7 days

So, keep calm…

So she did. And completely bug free, too.


Bugs were created on Day 5 or Day 6, depending on language interpretation and on whether the bugs are flying or not :wink: .

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And then the Dutch said: something is missing, and created the Netherlands.

Fairphone are Dutch.


Exactly. You made my first smile in a gloomy morning
Long live to the Dutch, that are going to save Europe when oceans will rise!
(OK, in addition to continueing Fairphones, isn’t it :wink: )

First Fairphone 4 phones are shipped.
But I cannot find a download of /e/OS for it.

Did you stop corporatiion with Fairphone?

I will get mine the next days and had the hope that you are ready until then

thought you get some to develop the ROM a little earlier. As a unique selling point. But was probably nothing…too early rejoiced

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I assume the info from the first reply in this thread still holds

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OK, but really, that’s a joke. 3 months…

Let’s watch the custom ROM scene and make bets on when the first ROMs will appear.

I bet that Lineage and Lineage4mG won’t need 3 months to get the ROM out.

If you would have done this on the Fairphone 3, you would have lost. Just saying.


I hardly can see any comparison between Lineage and /e/.
With /e/ I don’t buy a ROM, I buy a complete, turnkey system, with all apps functional and more.
Out of the already scarce population worried about GAFAM, Lineage is for the 1% geeks, and /e/ for the other 99%.
(and of course insults like the above, ‘Lineage will be faster than you’, have not a single chance to accelerate the /e/ process. Fortunately.)