/e/ on Fairphone 4

This is not an insult. It’s a fact.
/e/ is based on Lineage and not on AOSP :wink:

Basically I can not discover any insult.

Developing /e/OS costs time and money and supporting a new flagship device needs additional resources. If you want them to be faster, then they’ll need more resources. Better would have been to wait until you can buy a Murena FP4 from their website to support their cause and if you haven’t yet, you can buy an ecloud subscription to support them in the long run.

FYI I’m not related in any way with the e foundation, but just a happy /e/OS user :slight_smile:


das ist schon längst geschehen…
Ich fordere und nehme nicht nur, sondern gebe auch… :wink:


Yeah, well, for the FP3 it was more or less the other way round: LOS for that device benefited from the finished /e/ port, due to the official partnership between /e/ and Fairphone. And the setup is basically the same for the FP4.


Na dann hoffen wir einmal dass noch viele andere deinem guten Beispiel folgen :wink:

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Helo, Will the new fairphone 4 be available with /e/OS? soon?. It the terminal that most fot in /e/ philosphy. regards

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Yes it will. It’s purely up to your definition of “soon” now

By the end of this year?

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Do you guys even already have a FP4 in your hand? I ordered mine last Week and it said delivery planned for the first Week of February 2022…So the discussion is obsolete for me at this point aynway :smiley:

There are users who already got it. Depends on when you ordered and which configuration.

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yes of course since nearly two weeks. unboxed and never switched on because of google


will it be (the fairphone 4) available with the /e/OS preinstalled?. regards

According to Fairphone - yes. According to Murena -

The citations are from this topic here, you might as well read it :wink: .

I also have it in my hands.

And I can’t even finish setting up Android because I don’t want to put in a Gmail account. I have a permanent notification that I can disable 1 day but it comes back the next day…

So I’m desperately waiting for /e/. I deleted almost all Google apps with adb…

Same…Fixed it with a temporarily fake account. Just created the account only for the installation process. Deactivated all apps. account still exist in the phone for nothing.
Running TrackerControl, Blokada or netguard is compulsory !

Unless there is a good OS available like LOS, LOS4mg or iodè it is the only working way. A compromise but what about it…

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That is wonderful news :heart: I was thinking about buying Fairphone 3 with preinstalled /e/ os however in such situation I am looking forward in order to buy Fairphone 4 with /e/ on board :grin: do you think that it will be possible to buy it in the beginning of new year? And do you plan to sell it in European Union countries? :thinking:

We expect to release the /e/OS FP4’s early 2022. Team is still working on the porting activities.


/e/ supports over 100 devices and works closely with FairPhone, why should they “never” support the FairPhone? The device just released, so give it some time.

Can you please stop spreading this unconstructive criticism and your pessimistic views in the forum?


I have ordered mine which is due for February. And I intended to make a donation for /e/.

Although as someone mentioned, would it help you better if I just bought my phone from your website ? If so I might cancel my order and buy it here when it’s available.