/e/ on iphones!

Dear all (and especially developers),
this topic is to open discussion about whether it would be interesting to try to install /e/ on an iphone. What arguments exist FOR doing this (e.g. PR value, helpful in making clear that not only Google but also Apple collects its users’ data >50 per hour, it being fun :slight_smile: :slight_smile: , etc) , and what arguments exist AGAINST it (e.g. not worth the trouble, too difficult technically, etc). Everyone’s opinions and views most welcome, so please respond.
This topic also has a secondary purpose: to ask developers for their views on how feasible this is technically. Please respond with your views on this. Also please note if you think there will be a difference, technically, between installing it on newer (e.g. 7 or 8) or older iphones.
thanks all!

You can’t install another thing that the original ios. You can’t unlock the bootloader etc. Even old versions of ios you can’t install them when Apple stops signing them. So installing android and fork of it isn’t the work of the /e/ team but of hackers.

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@Anonyme yes! very good reason not to go with this idea… ‘team of hackers’ I was thinking…
@Rik I would say in my opinion Apple’s phones are crazy expensive without anything as exciting as a Droid phone for the same price range. For this reason I would not support the idea…

Even if it must probably not be a priority for the /e/ development team because /e/ is in favour of privacy and not (yet) ecology, having the possibility to install /e/ on iPhones would be good for people who already own one, which is – or at least will be – too old for iOS latest versions.

As Apple does not maintain its devices for long, a maybe high part of iPhone owners would be interested in giving a second life to these phones they have payed so much for.

What more, it would bring back value to these old models and so they could be reconditioned: nowadays it is not worth reconditioning them as new apps cannot be installed on them.


very interesting,i had not yet thought of this as an argument for installing /e/ on iphones

Hey Rik,
Just discovered, and registered with /e/, and I am one of the iPhone owners “come_744” is talking about. (iPhone 6 Plus)
I hate the IPhone OS, actually Android too… They both seem to put extreme limits on what one can do with their phone; for example, I still have not figured out how to delete certain programs/apps I don’t want (could be a matter of ignorance, or Apple control…) but I would love to see a SmartPhone OS that gives control TO THE OWNER!