/e/ on Mi 8 data leak?


I am using /e/ for more than 6 months on my Mi8 and I am very happy !
I am pretty sure that this does not affect /e/ but just in case I am asking :slight_smile:


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

That’s only happens on original Miui with Xiaomi browser.
As soon you have swapped to eOS your are ‘free’ :smiley:

thanks @harvey186 that’s was my understanding but was 99% sure as I know /e/ is still working on de-Goggling some piece which are not 100% done…but I don’t think this as anything related to Google but more to the Mi extra layer / application…anyway this will be useful for some other folks!

Unfortunately not in the English version but in the German you can read that for some time the Xiaomi devices send private data to manufacturers servers. Since the mechanism is set “near the drivers” it worked even if the device was rooted and driven with an alternative Firmware. See “Kritiken”:

It would be nice to have some proof that the device is able to send data with alternative OS. This would mean TCP/IP stack is implemented outside from the OS or that some device could use the connectivity from the OS.