/e/ on Pine64 products

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@GaelDuval just announced on Twitter than /e/ will make /e/OS work on the Pinebook (is this the original one or the new Pro one?) and in future the Pinephone! https://mobile.twitter.com/gael_duval/status/1171409756348669953

I think /e/OS on the Pinephone makes sense, although I’m not sure how popular it will be since most people who will get a Pinephone are probably more interested in Linux-on-phone projects like Ubuntu Touch or Plasma Mobile. I also note that of the planned OSes there is no existing Android derivative, although Android 7 exists for the Pinebook.

However, I’m not sure that /e/OS on the Pinebook or the Pinebook Pro makes sense. Both of these already have Chromium OS working on them, plus many Linux distros. Do any Android laptops exist? If not then it suggests that there isn’t a market that would be interested in an /e/ laptop either. Is the Pinebook only interesting as a stepping stone to the Pinephone because they use the same SoC?

And why didn’t Gael mention the Pinetab? This is a tablet so is a much better fit for /e/OS than the Pinebook.

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I think that /e/OS on Pinephone is a great idea as its going to be a very affordable device when launched ($150US I heard). Also I agree, the option for /e/OS on Pinetab or any existing tablet would be a great move too.

With Pinebook or PBpro maybe thats the point of porting /e/OS to it, so its almost like first to market with an android build for an /e/OS android ecospace utilizing e.drive etc for ease of use and also the less tech savvy. From a personal perspective I see he mentioned Olimex, @GaelDuval please port /e/OS to the Olimex Teres-A64 :grin: would be good to breathe some new life into mine as it has mostly just collected dust lately.


there are already a bunch of other phone operating system images downloadable for the pinephone. it would be a really an encouraging signal, if /e/ could be added to them:


and the pinephone is shipping soon!


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I know we don’t know when it will actually be out yet, but /e/ for PineTab would be nice too.

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Concordo plenamente!
Eu mesmo tenho alguns tablets sem system preciso do /e/ em meus tablets


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Are those build complicated to install on a PineBook?
Or is it just as simple as RPi?

Hi @Nastja, I don’t know for certain but I think it’s like a Pi but I don’t know if they are also “installable” like on an Intel based PC or laptop.
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Need volunteers to test Pinebook and olimex builds

Damn, I sold my Olimex laptop kit a couple months ago as it was just collecting dust… :unamused:

Using /e/ with a Pinebook is very similar to using it with a Raspberry Pi.

Just transfer the image to a sd-card and boot from the sd-card.

It also might be possible to install /e/ to the internal emmc, but I have not tried this yet. Sd-card is imho the better option for now.

Happy to volunteer to test the Pinebook

Missed out closing this topic.
The Pinebook /e/ build is already available. If there are bugs you can raise them on Gitlab.