OS Upgrade - Volunteer Testers Required - Next Set of Devices for OS Upgrade

Leeco le 2 officially supports pie on lineage os! Why /e/ on the Oreo?

This upgrade list was made some time back and never got a chance to update it.
Is the official LOS Pie build working Ok on the LeEco Le 2 S2 ?
Let me know and I can check if we can have the Pie version instead of the Oreo one.

Yes works very well, can be used for daily use (there are minor flaws, but they are gradually corrected by the maintainer)

The version e-0.7-p-20200118-UNOFFICIAL-LeEco-Le-2_X52x from andrelam already worked for everyday use.

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Thanks @reyser & @archje for pointing that we have official LOS pie builds for the S2. We will upgrade it to Pie then. Changed the text above as well.


@Manoj, this is a good decision! The /e/ users will prefer to live with one or the other disagreement than with 8-oero, but /e/ OS 9-pie will satisfy the /e/ users. And it also serves the image of /e/ …


This week (1 March - 8 March 2020 ) we plan to start the testing of the following new devices as well

  • S8
  • Olimex
  • Pinebook

Any volunteers for testing ??

As always Those interested in testing can send in these details to testing@e.email

/e/ email ID (optional)
Tester Name (optional)
/e/ Gitlab ID ( required)
Telegram username (required)

[ Need the gitlab ID to add your name to the testing project , telegram username is need to add your name to the telegram /e/ testing channel ]

Please note: Only users who have experience of flashing their devices with stock and /e/OS ROM’s need to volunteer for the testing.

Are these builds delayed?

If you meant the builds for mata, poco and tissot then yes this week there was an outage in the build systems which has caused a delay.
Had responded in another thread.
Expect to get the official Pie builds for these devices early next week.

I meant for these:
Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 - a5y17lte -> pie
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 - chiron -> pie
Xiaomi Mi 5s - capricorn -> pie
LeEco Le 2 - s2 -> pie

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All builds were delayed last week due to the outage. Should restart early this week.


Any news of thé S7 upgrade?
Additionally i’ve a s7 from e a’d No update (even sécurité) since 2 month

The testing of the S7 is still in progress. The team found some bugs which are being resolved. It may take 1-2 weeks more I guess to come out with a stable build which can be released.

The official /e/ Pie builds for the Beryllium Poco, Tissot and Mata are now available.
Thanks to the testers who helped with the testing

Now on to the testing of the next set of devices

Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 - a5y17lte -> pie
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 - chiron -> pie
Xiaomi Mi 5s - capricorn -> pie
LeEco Le 2 - s2 -> pie

Update: This set of devices have been tested and the official /e/ Pie builds should be available for download and manual flash early next week


It would be nice to see Mix 2S in the next batch. This is one of the best devices for eOS today, and technically it is very close to Poco and basic Mix 2 which already work on Pie.

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@Manoj @e.follower I love this idea. Please add the Mix 2S!!

@manoj, so, for the volunteer testers who tested those mentioned devices,they just flash the new official pie build on the top of the test build manually. Erasing any partitions or not?

Currently i am on pie test but in the uodated i am getting on oreo build proposed. Will that change once i am on the regular pie build?

The testers have to wipe clean the device before flashing the official build. It will not work on top of the test build as it signed by a different set of keys.
This was clarified to the testing team on the testing channel itself.

If an Oreo build is showing up in the update of a Pie build then it is an error a bug that needs to be reported. Raise that as a bug and I will also let the build team know about it.

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For S2, the test build is built on OREO!

hi @reyser pl can you raise this point in the testing channel if not already done. That way it can be addressed faster.