/e/ on the GX290

Hi all,

Since my current phone is out of support and does not allow to unlock the bootloader, I am looking for a new device. I want to have a phone without Google so /e/ cought my attention. /e/ OS used to be available for the Gigaset GS290 as a default device, sold through the store. The Gigaset devices are interesting because they are manufactured in Germany and have a headphone jack. Unfortunately it looks like the GS290 is no longer made. But their GX290 is still widely sold. The GX290, as I understand it, is basically the rugged version of the GS290, all the specs save the screen resolution look exactly the same. Would /e/ os work on the GX290?

As an example: Volla OS / Ubuntu Touch / Sailfish works on both the GS290 and GX290 without much porting.


Hi all,

I appreciate moderation and the move of my post to the ‘device requests’, even though my question was more simple. In principle, a device request is not needed because the GX290 has the same chipset as the GS290 and /e/ should work using the easy installer. But am I correct?

GX290 is different as it has only 3GB memory and a different camera.
So, YES please add this phone to the list of requests.
(do not confuse with gx2290 plus)