/e/ online app (community & github)

I enjoy conversing with the community page and reporting bug on the github. However, i don’t like always having to use the browser to do so. I was hoping that a basic app can be made to view the entire community page as well as view and report /e/ issues on github.

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The community forum can be installed as a PWA, on phone and on computer using any Chrome-like browser.
Don’t know about GitLab.


I access these forums almost exclusively from WebApps.
I think harvey186 has an /e/ forum webapp. Two actually. From his LeOS repo. Barebones.
[ he has quite a few webapps actually ]

There are some GitLab clients out there. Oldish. Haven’t use any in awhile. Vaguely remember them not handling links the way OctoDroid (GitHub client) does.
Might test again.

GitFox (GitFox is your application to manage GitLab projects)

GitTouch (An app for GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Gitea, and Gitee(码云))

LabCoat (GitLab client)