/e/ oreo recents on android 11 GSI

Ive noticed /e/ rom is the only rom that has oreo recents running on android 11. Ive been dying to get hold of that feature since it was removed in android 10. How was this even added into this rom? How could one get oreo recents on other roms running android 10+?

I believe it’s because of th launcher. If you install a different launcher then you will get the normal recent screen.

but how could i get it on other gsis? where can i find that launcher for quickswitch

Maybe more ideas here?

found sth like that

on android 11 the recents work the same way as in android 10 right?
guess the only option is to learn how to make a rom myself, with that included

I know this might sound insane /e/ with gapps, what kind of a psychopath would even try to do that.
But the thing is that its the only rom with oreo recents and ive been dying to be able to use oreo recents since it was removed in android 10. But i cant give up google apps. So the only options would be to use /e/ and somehow get gapps on it or somehow get oreo recents on some other android 10+ GSI.
If anyone knows how to get oreo recents on other android 10+ GSIs as well then hit me up please, as there simply isnt enough documentation regarding that.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘oreo recents’, but /e/ is based on Lineage OS, so if a feature is in /e/ - but isn’t specific to /e/ OS - then it should be in a version of LineageOS. If LineageOS for your device has moved on to Android 10, then you may have to build the ROM yourself or ask around in the XDA forums, as Lineage don’t have an archive of old releases.

For your use case though, if you can’t give up Google apps, then /e/ isn’t the ROM you want, Its main purpose is to move away from Google - to be a ‘de-googled’ OS - and it contains various components intended to replace Google’s apps and API’s. Installing something like OpenGapps is only likely to result in bugs and unexpected behaviour. Sorry if this is not what you want to hear!


by oreo recents i mean the recents menu being exactly the same as it was in android oreo with apps stacked on top of each other and being much compact and easier to use. android 9+ recents menu is just horrible. ive used lineage as well, it isnt included in lineage either. there has to be sth added to /e/ specifically.

GAPPS will not work on /e/OS. We have spent considerable time and resources removing Google calling home code from the source. That means that applications which require the entire Google code base running in the background will fail on /e/. If you absolutely need these applications then you should think of using some other custom ROM available on XDA


yeah but there doesnt seem to be any other rom with oreo recents out there. or a supported launcher with oreo recents for quickswitch on android 10+

then why does A11 /e/ rom have oreo recents baked in? clearly not impossible but also seemingly impossible to do it without making your own rom from scratch

Disregard my previous inaccurate post. I was unaware of some things.

Since the question in the topic title (Edit: Ín the meantime this post got moved from here.) was answered, you might perhaps want to open another topic for your menu issue, perhaps somebody out there would know something about that, but wouldn’t read this GApps topic :wink: .

aight, will do that rn

Im genuinely interested in it and would like to know how it was done. I cant stand android 9+ apple style recents and since my phone shipped with android 10 then there is no seemingly no other way of getting oreo recents on it other than using /e/. But i cant give up gapps and since /e/ doesnt allow that then im at crossroads. I would like to learn how to port it into other roms or if necessary even make my own rom.

so please tell me
how was this done?



doesnt pop up in quickswitch

Where is the link for android 11 GSI, please?

builds for Red velvet cake are not yet released, for now there are Quince tart builds :

Download the latest /e/ Official GSI Test Build :

How to install /e/ on a non supported device ?


Thanks piero!

Oh wait, I thought there was android R? This is Q.