/e/OS 1.0-alpha.2-20220413178209

received update, version /e/OS 1.0-alpha of the
April 13, 2022,
no problems with use except the weather widget which does not update.

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Did you allow Bliss + the weather widget permission for geo-location ? (Seems to be required.)

Can you please explain me what comes after alpha and when will be the final versons will start !

  • Alpha : 5 April
  • Alpha.2 : 13 April
  • Beta : 26 April
  • Beta.2 : 29 April
  • RC : 10 May
  • RC.2 : 13 May
  • RC.3 : 18 May
  • Final : 24 May

Edit : Beta.2 added
Edit 2 : RC.2/RC.3 added


I was waiting for this.
And when will I get for Redmi Note 4 MIDO !

Just remember those are planned dates. And remember how often software development projects go exactly according to plan :slight_smile:


I forgot I turned on the darn test channel under dev options. It has been disabled,

Question remains. Will I then be updated with a stable version?
Alpha has disallowed the Samsung 9 from using wifi whilst airplane mode is on. If airplane mode is engaged selecting WiFi causes ap mode to disengage.