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It is my hope this is the correct area for my question. If not the moderators will move it to the appropriate section.

Installed 1.81 this morning and reading the email which was sent by /e/ folks and have a question about the App Lounge. The email states the App Lounge is a new “no-Google mode” at startup.This mode gives you the choice to display only Fdroid and PWA sources.

My questions are what is meant by “no-Google mode” at startup.
Second and most important is where in the settings is this located for a no Google mode? Opening App Lounge shows Google Apps at this time.
Third if other’s like to have the option of a choice between google and non google Apps then one can download the Fdroid App only and keep the App Lounge as is.

I am new to this so forgive my ignorance and limited knowledge if something here offends some.

Thank you

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Prior to this when starting App Lounge the first time you would have to consent to some Google stuff because App Lounge acts as a client of the Google Play Store.

I would assume with a “no-Google mode” this would no longer be necessary and you could use App Lounge without having to consent to Google stuff.

I don’t know, I don’t have this yet. (And I don’t use App Lounge currently anyway.)

Others could say to you in the same way: If you want to have Apps from the Play Store, you can install Aurora Store.

Else …
F-Droid doesn’t have PWAs.
Not everybody likes F-Droid as an App.
App Lounge giving a choice about the Google part would be a clear improvement.

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At startup means : the first time you setup the App Lounge. Most users will not see this unless they logout in the App Lounge. This is a screenshot from the first startup, you will notice the option “PWA and open source apps” at the bottom :

You can disable Google apps by going to settings in the App Lounge, scroll down to “Show applications” and then unmark “Show common apps

Open source apps in the App Lounge = F-droid

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Excellent reply. Thank you very much.

I have edited my reply : if you logout in the App Lounge, you can choose to login again or show PWA and open source apps only. (Screenshot nr. 1) You not have to reset the App Lounge like i first replied…

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