/e/OS and IPv6 won't work (Wifi)


I bought a refurbished Samsung Galaxy S7 with e.OS (/e/OS 0.9-2020051554379 Android 7.1.2)

But somehow the device behaves a bit strange. According to the device information I get an IPv4 and also IPv6 addresses assigned when Wifi is enabled. But all relevant test pages in the browser like ipv6-test.com tell me but I have no IPv6 on the device.

My FairPhone 3 with e.OS on the other hand works without problems, I don’t know such errors. Only the S7 does strange things here, but what exactly?

Any idea? Help is welcome!

Best regards

My Galaxy S7 “herolte” with “stable” /e/ OS e-0.9-n and forundation.e.browser shows this result

It’s very strange! :confused:

What firmware version does your S7 Radio/Modem/Baseband have?

Go to > About Phone scroll down and find Baseband version G930F.......

Baseband-Version: G930FXXS6ESI6

I’m a little at a loss.

Whether a baseband change to the regional code DBT could help?

Probably not. But I do not know. I’ll give it a shot and see, or?