/e/OS and Murena for juniors and seniors?

I believe that /e/OS could be a great companion for all those who have little or no experience with smartphones. Here I am thinking especially on juniors (and their first phone) and senior citizens.
Some time ago I started a query initiating an exchange on possible child safety features for /e/OS.
There were lots of interesting ideas coming up, but now - with some distance - I recognise that a lot of ideas (including mine) would require quite some time and effort to integrate them in the system.

Therefore I would like to renew my question:

Do you have ideas or observations how to improve /e/OS in order to make it more suitable for junior and senior citizens? I’d be especially interested in smaller tweaks that could create an important improvement for those users (in terms of user-experience, safety, etc).

I am curious what you come up with…

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As a “senior” who recently purchased a very expensive Teracube 2e, I would urge you to strongly reconsider this plan.
This phone and OS combination I received does not work properly, or in some cases, at all.
I am reasonably tech savvy and immediately charged the phone (after finding the back open and the “battery tab” already removed), accessed WiFi and updated the OS to 1.4. The updating of the OS took nearly an hour on WiFi.
With or without Advanced security, the App Lounge does not work properly; almost two full minutes to load, then after an app is chosen to install, it will be hours before the “install” fails and has to be cancelled out of.
It’s confusing that Advanced Security cannot be used or it breaks so many other apps. Why have it?
Seniors and youth do not have the patience required to be beta testers of an interminably slow OS. They want to buy a phone and use it. They want to be able to easily install and open apps, not spend two days on a forum trying to get the settings right, only to have to change them to make the next app work.
I unfortunately think I’ve paid a lot for a useless phone and have had to go back to an aging backup.
I’ll continue to try and get it to work, but if this is the state of Murenas’ push into the US, you will not succeed. And no senior who wants to take a picture of the grandkids, or a child who wants to download and play a game while waiting in a restaurant will put up with the glacial pace at which this OS runs.

Sounds like your experience is a disaster indeed.
I wonder if you have a hardware or other issue with your smartphone…?
My wife and I use /e/OS every day on Fairphone 4 and my 9 year old daughter on Gigaset 290. All our devices are fine and we have no system slowdowns. Everything is stable and performs well.
However, I admit that the “advanced privacy” module causes some problems when using it. It is complicated to adjust according to the trackers and applications so that they work properly.
I suggest to deactivate it until a better version is available.
For the rest we do not encounter any problem.
Did you contact Murena customer service to report your problems?