e/OS + Android OS version names and numbers?

I know I saw a post about this but I cant find it, I hope asking here is OK.

Where is the list that tell the e/OS version and the parallel Android version.

Like I think e/OS R is equal to Android 11. Is there a complete list for when upgrading versions to be equal when starting out?


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Frequently asked “Version” questions

How do I find the /e/ version and Android version installed on my /e/ phone?

Find your /e/OS + Android version information

In /e/OS currently supported devices one finds /e/OS version in

Settings > About phone > Android version > /e/OS version

In supported /e/ it is expected that /e/OS version will copy to clipboard – an easily shared match with the naming convention.

System Updater shows the /e/ version, in one line and the Android version in the second line. The build type | release channel and the device codename are missing, so an image from System updater shares less information with others who may be able to provide device specific help.

What changed between /e/ versions v0.nn and v1.0 onwards?

The introduction of /e/ version 1.0

In May 2022 v1.0 introduced App Lounge [1] – an upgraded “version 2” of the previously installed Apps
and Advanced Privacy which itself includes
Hide My IP and
Fake My Location

[1] App Lounge is mentioned as a sub-heading, linked, in this larger page Calls to Google servers

The “no longer supported” builds stopped at v0.23 or earlier, device dependent.

Can I edit this post?


Under Construction! :construction:
This an “editable by all” post where more up to date information can be shared. Kudos to @AnotherElk for feedback by PM, especially to draw attention to /e/ versions being primarily /e/ updates at monthly / six weekly intervals, while Android versions may change very roughly annually. /e/ has to be built again when Android versions change, so this is not expected to arrive for some time after a new Android version becomes available for a device. @aibd

Proposal: text in italics will probably be deleted from the final wiki post. Feel free to “talk” here, or to add known accurate material above. @aibd

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