/e/ OS as best Linux (and other OS?) desktop companion

I’m interested in getting some feedback, ideas, suggestions, how we can possibly add some features to /e/ OS to make it the perfect companion of Linux.

On my own, I enjoy getting my ecloud data synchronized on Linux using NextCloud client or webdav, and we are thinking about adding some SMS synchronization features so that users could receive and send SMS from their Linux desktop.

/e/ users on Telegram suggested:

Other ideas:

Feel free to add ideas here! :penguin:


It would be a big piece of work but something like MaruOS would be great!

What’s better than a companion to a Linux desktop than actually being your Linux desktop!

  • Shared copy/paste
  • Shared browser’s tabs
  • Login my pc without typing my password

I would love to see some kind of audio routing, like pulseaudio-dlna or similar maybe even via usb or bluetooth for my desktop… :wink:

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Plus shared bookmarks/browser history

Send and receive SMS on PC using the connected smartphone plus voice calls via connected mobile (like hands free 2 for macos does)


Syncthing for synchronising folders.

Something for SIP VoIP. Actually Jami can do that or Linphone. Making/receiving calls from the desktop.


First of all, hi everyone it’s a great community and I really enjoy seeing what is being done here as a community. I would highly suggest checking out Zorin OS and how they made their own fork of KDE Connect called Zorin Connect. As long as e supports that through FDroid it’s fine. I honestly think even in terms of aesthetics Zorin and /e/ go really well together so I would even say maybe go try collaborating with them. Would be the perfect setup.


Bonjour Gael,

La plus belle intégration que vous puissiez faire : un écosystème parfaitement intégré avec l’OS Mobile et L’OS Desktop ; comme fait actuellement Apple avec ses iPhone et ses Macs; il faut reconnaître que l’intégration y est exceptionnelle !

En attendant que vous réalisiez un tel exploit (:wink:), la fonction la plus utile et demandée serait je pense la synchronisation des données !
Mais ne vous limitez pas à Linux, il serait dommage de délaisser les utilisateurs Windows qui restent extrêmement majoritaire !


It may seem crazy, but I’d propose to make the desktop eOS based on Android-x86.

At the moment, the android ecosystem has enough capabilities to replace PC for non-tech user. On the other hand, attempts to make a simple Linux distro for non-tech users have not yet been successful enough (except for ChromeOS, maybe).

Today, there are some more or less promising Android-based desktop operation systems that prove that this approach is possible: Bliss OS, PhoenixOS, PrimeOS, etc. Perhaps this would allow to avoid dividing /e/ project into two directions and better consolidate development resources.

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Hi @GaelDuval, this is a nice idea!

I vote for KDE Connect, it does what most of the other suggestions do and more besides! @grgnday is right that Zorin Connect could be a good basis for a more “user-friendly” way to do the same thing, or maybe /e/ want to fork and skin KDE Connect themselves?

How do you imagine screen-sharing via RDP to work? Show desktop screen on /e/OS phone? Or vice versa? Scrcpy does the latter as well doesn’t it?

And what do you mean by “KDE Neio easy install directly from /e/”? You mean install KDE Neon to an x86 computer from an /e/OS phone? Store the install ISOs in /e/OS? Please explain.

@fmo you’re right that MaruOS is cool. Aren’t there other ways of achieving the same thing though, with a wider choice of Linux distros?

Sharing of browser tabs can be done easily with Firefox and a Firefox Account. I still don’t understand the obsession with Chromium based browsers… (I’m ready for flames ;))

Audio routing is a neat idea @Chimpthepimp :slight_smile:

Syncthing could be a good way to synchronise files and folders.

Cheers :slight_smile:


A desktop version of /e/ ‘Host-Your-Own Cloud’ . Not always connected. Not as a server.

Quite sufficient for most uses. And which responds to users’s desire to reduce their electricity consumption, and which accepts that this type of a service is not always available.


I really like pushbullet that allows me to send SMS messages from my phone by typing on my desktop computer/

I think KDE Connect is a good Start, it sure does most of what I need. Would have to be usable for non KDE users as well of course.

Reading/Sending messages and taking/making phone calls from the desktop in one simple app would be cool.

@scanlegentil A desktop version of the self-hosted server is a great idea! Lots of normal people don’t want all the fancy cloud stuff with all the magic syncing, but simply sync their devices when they are at home.
Only thing: it would probably need a separate email solution for getting/sending emails on the phone.


“Reading/Sending messages and taking/making phone calls from the desktop in one simple app would be cool.”

Jami can do that with calls, videocalls and messages from within the app (without sms).

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I definitely back the SMS on Linux desktop option.

But how would it work? Because so far, the messaging app is not chosen yet ? Or missed something :slight_smile:

Thanks for this! However, what I mean is:
take phone calls coming in on the mobile phone / make phonecalls via the mobile phone. So no SIP or anything, it probably is rather some audio routing technically speaking. Like the PC acting as a headset for the mobile phone.

So, to make a list of features that would be cool (some are covered e.g. with kde connect already) in no particular order:

  • take/make mobile phone calls (that is: dial/answer/hang-up + optionally audio routing into the PC)
  • send/receive messages (sms, but maybe there is actually an option to consolidate all the messengers into one app as well, like the old blackberry message center?)
  • desktop alerts for calls/messages coming in
  • sync calendar/contacts/files locally (that is: no cloud involved, just sync manually or if in the same wifi)
  • shared clipboard
  • send/share files and browser-tabs between devices manually (kde connect does this pretty nicely)
  • use mobile phone as 2nd factor for login (I believe apple does this with their watch)
  • run apps on the mobile (kind of “in the background”) and display the output on the PC (example: run apps such as Sonos Controller where there is no linux version on the phone but still control it from the PC). This is similar to scrcpy, but it would be even cooler if the mobile device display could stay off while using it this way.

A mum & dad friendly backup solution:
Connect ePhone with a cable to your Linux PC, press a button and a backup is being made.


By Bluetooth? I would prefer…

I m not sure if i got your right here but, there are allready multiple tutorials in the web to route your mobile audio output via bluetooth to your linux-desktop.

@Chimpthepimp: this would be close to what I am looking for, but I seem unable to find it. Could you point me to any solution/site for this? Thanks!

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