E/os/ command line installation instructions question

When you download an e/os/ image .zip and extract it there are a total of 14 .img files that need to be flashed to the device.

The instructions however only contain commands for installing 11 of them ?


I guess one first needs to rule out any confusion between 2e and emerald! :slight_smile:

Having done that, please can you list the .img files which appear to be surplus.

When looking at the extracted emerald images the folders contain these files that aren’t mentioned in the instructions:


I guess that is a production issue. You might raise an issue. None of those three .img files are for transfer to the device.

There used to be installation commands for all 14 files. If this was unnecessary and changed there should be some documentation about it.

hmmm … I do not know the device; perhaps you should not rely on my answer. My answer is based on seeing those files during the build process. I understood them to be produced as a part of the staging process within the build.

Perhaps someone will have a better answer but meanwhile perhaps you should Report an issue.

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Images unused for the install got observed on other devices, too, without consequence.

If you need 100% clarity, as @aibd suggested you would need to raise an issue at the GitLab, where developers could have a look and answer this in detail.

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