/e/OS download for FP5?

When will /e/OS be available for download for the FP5?
I bought my FP5 from a local reseller but cannot imagine to use it with stock ROM. I’d love to flash the /e/OS as soon as possible. My old phone (samsung S8, running with /e/OS) is reaching it’s end.
Can you tell us, when the /e/OS Download will be ready for FP5?

Thanks a lot!

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For the time being you can install via this Community test session … https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/qa/testing-community/-/issues/55

As far as I understand it, murena has been shipping the FP5 with /e/OS preinstalled since the beginning of this week.
But it seems the OS is still in the testing phase. Does this mean that the devices ordered via murena have not yet been delivered?

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It simply means that whatever /e/OS build is installed on the delivered devices is not yet available via the usual /e/OS download pages.


Yes, they started delivering them already. I received mine on October 16th.


Thanks for your reply!

I bought the FP5 the day it came out. I understand the easy installer will take a while still but is it possible to download and install /e on a FP5 from an ubuntu PC or not right now? It’s not clear to me where I can get it and where to find detailed instructions.

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